Young Lions makes businesses grow.

We do this by helping you focus on your ideal buyers, employ smart, innovative techniques to reach key prospects and deliver authentic and effective messaging that converts those prospects into customers.


Based in Portland, OR with heaps of experience and connections in the start-up world, we can help you and your business with any new venture. We're experts in everything that happens before you close that big deal - defining your brand, crafting your social media strategy, creating dynamic content that brings in new leads, using events to entice new prospects, training your sales development team to get quality meetings, adjusting your sales and marketing processes to be more efficient and ready for growth. You've been working like crazy to make a killer product, now let us help you sell it.


Kasey Jones Tonsfeldt 

Kasey embodies the spirit of "growth-hacking." She is always thinking about how to do more with less, getting the most bang for your buck and making the biggest splash with the fewest resources. With over a decade of start-up business development and marketing experience, she's earned a reputation for delivering results through unconventional means. She has a knack for helping clients refine their brand to its authentic and impactful essence. Plus, she does it with a smile on her face and a genuine passion for helping clients grow their businesses. 

Kasey is also a community builder, founding Women for Girls, Girls Inc's ambassador board and co-founding PDX-Women in Tech, Portland's largest all women tech association. In her spare time, she trains in powerlifting; attempts to train her German wire-haired pointer, Madchen; and enjoys life in the country with her husband, Eric. 


Colin McGrew 

Author Samuel Butler said, "Most people have never learned one of the main aims in life is to enjoy it."  Whether you meet Colin on the job or see him around town with friends, they'll tell you he brings dedication and fun loving spirit with him wherever he goes.

Colin truly enjoys working with sales and marketing leaders to ensure the strategies and tactics they're applying are designed to attract, engage and do business with their ideal customers.

Over the last decade Colin developed extensive expertise around business development, hiring, training, content creation and business process.

You can also get a sense for Colin's perspective on sales from his blog post First 30 days: How to Kill It in a New Sales Job.